Website Updates

Website updates are a difficult task for small businesses that are trying to keep up with day-to-day operations. That is why Daniel Boswell offers website updates for small business owners that understand how important keeping their websites fresh but don’t have the time to make the updates themselves.

What You Can Expect When Hiring Me For Website Updates

Hiring me to make website updates and other recommended changes means you don’t have to worry about a stagnant website. It also means that you won’t be alone in determining what changes need to happen to keep your website moving forward. Each month I will review your website’s Google Analytics data to determine what is working and what needs to be changed.

I also review your e-mail subscriber list to see how well it is performing. I will then provide recommendations to improve your opt-in rate and engagement.

Then, during our monthly planning session we will determine the best course of action based on the data collected and I will make necessary changes.

All website updates include:

  • Monthly Google Analytics review
  • Monthly E-mail list review
  • Planning session to decide changes based on traffic patterns and opt-ins
  • Page creation and content updates
  • Website Updates
  • Google Analytics Review
  • MailChimp List Review


Because the goal of the monthly updates is to improve your website results, I would recommend a minimum investment of 5 hours each month.

Contact me to get started with making the most out of your website!

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